Now Offering Telehealth Consultations!

When the Coronavirus crisis hit I was already set up to conduct telehealth consultations. However, it wasn’t a common method, as in-person is always preferred with Ayurveda since part of the diagnostic assessment is looking at the tongue, feeling the pulse and visual and tactical observation. Since starting the telehealth consultations I’ve learned that I can still make a thorough assessment over video, and all herbs can be ordered online and shipped directly to the client within a few days.

As online communication increasingly becomes the norm, HEAL Ayurveda is now offering telehealth services 7 days per week! I have a team of Ayurvedic Practitioners on board and we are collectively available daily. I am also still available at the Southern California University Health Clinic on Mondays 1pm-5pm for telehealth consultations as well.

Please email me at: to schedule an online consultation. We are looking forward to e-meeting you :)!


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