Good Source for Ayurvedic Herbs

People often ask me if Ayurvedic herbs contain mercury and toxins. It’s no wonder- a simple Google search for “Ayurveda” pulls up several sources claiming that Ayurvedic herbs have heavy metals and are not recommended for consumption. This issue is confounded because a) Ayurvedic herbs DO use mercury and other heavy metals for medicinal purposes after undergoing a very sophisticated processing technique (but those herbs are neither legal nor available in the US; and, b) some sources probably do contain toxins, including pesticides. Let’s face it, most of the food that is grown in our soil is either contaminated or lacking in important minerals and nutrients. That’s why it’s important to find a trustworthy source for Ayurvedic herbs, like Athreya Ayurveda or Banyan Botanicals, which both carry mostly organic, sustainably sourced herbs and other products. I’d be interested to see who is behind these studies. Maybe efforts could be better focused on examining the benefits of Ayurvedic herbs so that modern medicine will finally believe what has been time-tested for thousands of years: nature heals.

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