Come meet me at Greenstone Therapy!

Yes, I am guilty! I have not written a blog post since October 2015…YIKES! Well, a lot has happened in the meantime, and I am now starting to feel grounded enough to sit down and drop knowledge. (We all have at least some knowledge to contribute, right?). But before I do that I just want to reflect on the year so far, since we’re just about at the midpoint. This has definitely been the year of major ups and downs and shifts and transformations (and I know I’m not the only one who was feeling that), but I was able to meet the challenges head on and keep my eyes on the prize. And it was ALL worth it! (What doesn’t kill you, right?).

Amidst all the chaos, great things have happened and continue to unfold. I am starting to fully believe in the magic of intention and the law of attraction. I say magic, because sometimes that is the only way to explain the intangible, the invisible, that “energy” we all feel but can’t (yet) prove with the naked eye.


This announcement is slightly overdue, but I am now practicing Ayurveda at Greenstone Therapy in West Los Angeles! (Palms neighborhood for those in the know :). It is the coolest little hidden gem in LA that resonates pure healing energy the moment you walk in the door (even from the outside I can already smell the essential oils misting and the herbal concoctions brewing). Jade Pappionis the owner and Massage Therapist extraordinaire. We also have amazing Agi, an Acupuncturist, Mai, an Integrative Healer, and Roxanne, a Yoga Therapist.

Come meet all of us at our Open House on Sunday, July 31 @ 5pm! 3314 Motor Avenue, Los Angeles 90034. We will have talks and demos of all of our modalities and refreshments. Please RSVP here.

I really hope to see you there :)!

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