5 Surprising Benefits of Abhyanga

We’ve all heard it before: take care of ourselves first; prioritize our own well-being, because only then can we most effectively care for others; we have to love ourselves before we can love anyone else; etc.

It’s easy to understand the truth stated above; however, in our busy, modern-day lives, it can be a challenge to put these truths into practice. Oftentimes, for the person who tries to get it all done, every day, it can be a superhuman task, and prioritizing for ourselves is the last thing on our mind. We have to eat, so food must be shopped for and cooked; the kids have to be picked up, and they need help with homework and all their extracurricular activities; the house must be tidied, and the dog must be walked (for we know the consequences of making the poor thing wait too long); and then there’s that deadline at work…it is never-ending.

With the busyness of our day-to-day activities, how do we stop and make ourselves the center of our own lives again?

It starts with intention. You probably already have the intention, or at least the willingness to have intention, since you’re reading this. So let’s get started. Let’s cultivate the intention to prioritize our own well-being and start by giving our bodies some love with Ayurvedic self-massage, known as Abhyanga!

Sounds simple, and it is… So just how is Ayurvedic abhyanga done? Click here to find out…

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